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Shiv Bari Temple, Gagret, Una, Himachal Pradesh


Shiv Bari Temple is located in the village Gagret, distt Una in Himachal Pradesh. It is an ancient temple approximately 5000 yrs old. This is also known as Drona Shiv Mandir. It is believed that Guru Dronacharya ( Guru of Pandava and Kourava ) was the resident of this village.

Entrace of Shivbari Temple

Shivlingam in form of Pindi

About the Temple

Shivlinga inside the temple is in the form of Pindi (a circular stone). Temple is situated amidst the dense forest of village Ambota in Gagaret. It is believed that the lingam here, is a self created Lingam. There are idols of Virbhadra, Swami Kartikey, Lord Kuber, Lord Ganesha, all are believed to be ancient one.

The Samsdhis (burial place) of many Saints are here who meditated here in past. There are four Shamasan (place of cremation), situated in four direction to the temple. There are four wells constructed there by the King of Jammu and Amb after, getting their desire fulfiiled by Lord Shiva.

At present Pt. Ajay Sharma is the priest there.

The water of Jalhari (the space around pindi) after worship, sprinkled on the devotees and believed as the main Prasad (offering) of the temple. Ample of trees around the temple are there, which can be used only for Cremation, Yajna, Bhandara, Dhuni ( fire place for Sadhus) etc. 

The wood of these tree are not used for any other purposes (believing it as the order of Lord Shiva).

A big fair is organized during Shivratri. The devotees visiting Mata Chintpurni, come here and enjoy the fair.

History behind the Temple

It is believed that Guru Dronacharya was the resident of the village Ambota. A river named Swan is flowing near the temple. After taking a holy dip in Swan, Guru Dronacharya used to go Himalaya for praying Lord Shiva. It was his daily practice.

There was a daughter of Guru Dron, named Yayati. Once Yaati insisted her father where he used to go. Seeing her persistence Guru told her, firstly you start chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ at home with belief, than after I will tell you the fact.

Yayati did accordingly and started chanting the Mantra with belief and full concentration. After few days, Lord Shiva became pleased with her deep devotion and appeared before her. 

Lord Shiva himself became a child and started playing with her. Guru Dron became surprised after knowing the fact. After all, he understood everything. Now Yayati requested Lord Shiva to remain here forever.

Then Lord Shiva agreed to remain here in the form of Lingam.

Then, Guru Dron constructed a temple here and installed a Shivlinga inside the temple.

According to another belief, Lord Shiva here is in south of Mata Chintpurni temple in the form of Maharudra in addition to four Maharudras in four direction to protect her.

Incident during Mogul period

Mogul Emperor Aurangzeb came here with their soldier and attacked the temple. They started to excavate the Pindi. Surprisingly, red color insects started to coming out from the Pindi, in huge quantity and began to bite, the soldier leaving them senseless. Seeing this the Emperor surrendered before Lord Shiva and begged apologies for his deed.

The villagers then sprinkled the pious water of Jalhari, on them which brought the soldiers in sense. After, this miracle of supernatural power, they fled away from the temple.

There is an important accreditation of the temple that the second Saturday of Hindi month Baishakh is believed to be the most religious day. On this day the desires of devotees are fulfilled by Lord Shiva.

Places to Visit Nearby 
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Mata Chintpurni Temple
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Dera Bharbhag Singh
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How to Reach

By rail

The nearest railway station is Amb Andura only 5 km away from the temple on Delhi – Una rail route.

By road

Village Gagret is located on Jalandhar – Mandi NH -70 and 26 km from Hoshiarpur and 32 km from Una, the district HQ.

By air

The nearest airport is Gaggal near Dharmshala,

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  1. This ancient temple is being subjected to unscruplous use and government interference. The village Ambota has a committee which is difhing for the cause of its peservation and development.